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NOUMENA Platform

The NOUMENA Platform is designed for end-to-end digitalization of business processes. It is the foundation for next-generation enterprise software. The platform is inspired by the smart contract approach of blockchain/DLT technology, but designed for production grade business applications. Central to the NOUMENA Platform is the NOUMENA Protocol Language (NPL), a domain specific language (DSL) tailored to rapidly formalize, digitalize and automate multi-party processes.

Smart protocols combine data structures, process states, business rules, and party relationships, isolate business logic from the rest of the running system and from non-functional requirements such as integration with external authentication and authorization systems and how data storage and retention is achieved.

  • The NOUMENA Operating Engine's integrated authentication mechanism and NPL's party based authorization concept make access rights explicit in the code, delivering highly secure business applications. The platform logs each and every state change along with the action which triggered the change, thus ensuring a strong audit trail and traceability by design.
  • The NPL Runtime Environment provides full functionality to deploy and run NPL smart protocols in your environments.
  • The NOUMENA Development Kit provides a state-of-the-art development environment enriched by NPL-specific plugins and toolkits allowing for rapid agile specifications, coding, testing, debugging and deployment of NPL code.

The NOUMENA Platform comprises both the NOUMENA Runtime Environment and the NOUMENA Development Kit and therefore offers all components to efficiently develop, ship and operate applications.