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Ownership transfer


An example that is meant to illustrate how protocol ownership may be transferred in exchange for ownership of another protocol.

Specifically, this example involves a Deliverable that is exchanged for Money. The transfer is accomplished via a Swap protocol. When this protocol comes into effect, it permits either deliverableOwner or moneyOwner to perform the swap() under the agreed upon conditions. For each of the underlying protocols the transfer permission requires that both the original owner as well as the external party newOwner invoke. This orchestration is the job of the Swap protocol.


protocol[owner] Deliverable() {
    permission[owner & *newOwner] transfer() {
        this.owner = newOwner;

protocol[owner] Money() {
    permission[owner & *newOwner] transfer() {
        this.owner = newOwner;

protocol[deliverableOwner, moneyOwner] Swap(var deliverable: Deliverable, var money: Money) {
    initial state unswapped;
    final state swapped;

    permission[deliverableOwner | moneyOwner] swap() | unswapped {
        deliverable.transfer[deliverableOwner, moneyOwner]();
        money.transfer[moneyOwner, deliverableOwner]();

        become swapped;


const OWNER_MONEY = 'm';

function testSwap(test: Test) -> {
    // Two assets
    var deliverable = Deliverable[OWNER_DELIVERABLE]();
    var money = Money[OWNER_MONEY]();

    // An agreed-upon swap
    var swap = Swap[OWNER_DELIVERABLE, OWNER_MONEY](deliverable, money);

    // Attempt a swap