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This page provides an overview of the current Noumena licensing tiers.


The NPL Runtime Environment provides full functionality to deploy and run NPL smart protocols in your environments.

The NPL Runtime Environment consists of the NPL Operating Engine, the NPL Migrator and the NPL Inspector, and is provided as cloud-native Docker Images, but also supports more traditional deployments. The images are designed to support easy installation and scalable operations.


The NOUMENA Development Kit provides tools to efficiently write, debug and test NPL code, tools to reason about NPL implementations with visualizations, and libraries to integrate nicely with the API of the NPL Operating Engine. The development kit has three main components: the NPL-Dev Plugin, the NPL Sandbox and the Build Tools.


Below is an overview of the components.

Component License Obtain Documentation
Operating Engine Runtime NOUMENA Github: Images Link
Migrations Runtime* NOUMENA Github: Images Link
NPL-Dev plugin for IntelliJ IDEA Development Jetbrains Marketplace Link
NPL Maven Plugin Development Maven Central Link
Sandbox Development See Installation. Link
Build Tools Development NOUMENA Github: Packages Link
Deployment Tools Runtime NOUMENA Terraform Link

* For running migrations: Writing NPL migrations in the Kotlin DSL cannot be done independently of writing NPL itself, and is covered by the Development license.


These dependency reports provide information about the various libraries used by our products, and their respective licenses.