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This document lists the Prometheus metrics provided by the history application.

These metrics are served by the history's application monitoring APIs.

Prometheus metrics

Metric Description Type Labels
mover_calls_total Number of mover calls Counter
mover_errors_total Number of mover errors Counter
mover_copied_total Number of mover copied items Counter data_type
mover_deleted_total Number of mover deleted items Counter data_type
streams_concurrent_consumers_count Number of concurrent stream consumers Gauge stream
api_request_duration_seconds Time taken for the API request calls Summary, seconds (interface, operation, url)
db_query_duration_seconds Time taken to execute an SQL query Summary, seconds (operation, table, query)
db_stream_duration_seconds Time taken to stream data from an SQL query Summary, seconds (operation, table, query)

Additionally, we expose HikariCP metrics.